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Q: [Is their something I can do myself to speed up my PC?]
A: [Yes, run the system defragmenter.]

Q: [How do I check what my system information is in Windows XP, Vista, or 7?]
A: [Right click on Computer - Properties]

Q: [What should I be doing to keep my PC virus free?]
A: [Run Microsoft updates often or set the updates to run automatically]                         A: [Install an antivirus software (Norton is free for every Comcast user)]

Q: [I'm not currently backing up my files, should I be?]
A: [Yes! Hard drive crashes can happen at anytime and restoring data may not be an option]

Q: [What is OpenOffice?]
A: [OpenOffice is a free software that is comparable to Microsoft Office. All docx documents can be open with OpenOffice]


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